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No Jerusalem for WAYN

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

We usually don’t like to say bad things about other travel website. For me, WAYN is a bit of a problem.

I first saw it when TripTouch was just an idea. I was a bit discouraged to see many of my ideas already implemented. But when I played with it I felt that the execution and usability aren’t so great, and decided we could do better..

I also think that their mailing policy is a bit aggressive, I get too many useless emails from them.

Recently I found a strange but intersting fault I want to share. Browsing WAYN’s travel guide to Israel I couldn’t find Jerusalem. Well, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, a holy city for 3 religions and a very impotant travel destination. They have Afikim, Baqa, Dabburya (?), Gelilot, Netivot, Or Yehuda (!) and many more obscure locations but not Jerusalem.

I’ve mailed them about it more than a month ago. Recently I’ve got a reply that ‘have confirmed that this problem is still being resolved’.

Lets see, I’ll update if something happens. Meanwhile you can use our Jerusalem page (yes we have it).